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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Fri Oct 25 2013 at 9:40 am

Snowfest - "a party to welcome winter" at MEC, November 23, 2013
Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) will be holding a "Snowfest" at their store at 366 Richmond Road from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday, November 23, 2013.

MEC describes the event as "a party to welcome winter" that will feature a "flurry of activities". Activities will include clinics on "Ski waxing basics", "Gearing up for nordic skiing", as well as introductory and advanced clinics with the Canadian Ski Marathon.

Some of the exhibitors will include Chelsea Nordiq, Gatineau Loppet, Mooney's Bay Ski Center, Nakkertok, and the Canadian Ski Marathon.

There will also be a "Gear Swap" in the MEC parking lot, where people will be able to pick up bargains or sell off some unwanted gear.

Admission to the Snowfest is free. On-line registration for clinics will open on October 28.

For more details, go to:


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