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Posted by robin, Sat Feb 17 2018 at 2:05 pm

new skate skis
Just had my skate skis base-ground, and the tech told me that my skis were basically total crap. Not surprising as they were the cheapest skis I could find at MEC - Salomon Equipe 6's. He said that these skis have plastic bases instead of P-Tex, and they dont take wax very well. I have had a real hard time getting good glide this winter (it's also been crazy cold).

But I'm having a real hard time figuring out what to look for in another pair of skis. There's almost no information on ski bases and what they're made of and the differences between skis in this regard. It's hard to see how much I'll need to spend to get a faster ski and what I'm giving up over an even more expensive ski. I know I could go to the shop and ask, but it would be nice to have some objective advice about different brands and base quality and lightness, etc, etc. . .

Any advice?


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