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Posted by Andrew, Fri Feb 17 2012 at 10:07 am

Gatineau Park Yurt for rent this Sunday - Feb 19, 2012
To all ski lovers and outdoor amateurs!

I�am�looking for someone to take over a reservation for a cabin in Gatineau Park on the February long weekend due to a change of plan.� It is truly a great experience to spend a night in the park - I hope someone can take advantage of it! Please see details below.

Dates:�Sunday,�Feb 19 (long weekend!)
Where:�Yurt�on a lake in Gatineau Park (sleeps 6!)
Cost:�170$�for the night (includes all fees)

After�a�night of skiing or snowshoeing, cook your meal on a wood stove and spend the night on a beautiful lake in Gatineau Park. For more information on the location and accommodation, visit: http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/places-to-visit/gatineau-park/things-to-do/camping-cabins-gatineau-park-winter

Call�if you are interested!

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