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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Sat Feb 25 2012 at 11:34 am

Cross-country skiing in the Larose Forest ( 60 km east of Ottawa)
Today�s Ottawa Citizen has an interesting article about outdoor activities in the Larose Forest, which is located about 60 kilometres east of Ottawa (just north of Casselman on the 417). The focus of the article is cross country skiing, although it does talk about year-round activities in the forest.

The Larose Forest covers approximately 26,000 acres, and it  is one of Canada's largest man-made forests. It appears to be ideal for cross-country skiers who do not like hills. The article provides detailed instructions on how to get to the ski trails in the forest (also see the link below for a map).

The origins of this forest is also very interesting. The area was once known as a desert because it consisted of large tracts of sandy land. In the early 1900s an employee with Ontario Agriculture Department (Ferdinand Larose) came up with the idea of replanting the area with trees to prevent land erosion. Since then over 18 million trees have been planted.

The article in the Ottawa Citizen:

A map to the Larose Forest:

More info about XC skiing in the forest:


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