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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Thu Jan 3 2013 at 10:06 am

Possible fines for using closed trails in the Gatineau Park
The NCC has issued a statement indicating that it is prohibited to use closed trails in the Gatineau Park, and that people doing so risk getting a fine from NCC conservation officers.

The NCC says it has closed various trails because of dangerous conditions resulting from heavy snowfall which has overloaded branches and downed trees. The NCC recommends that people go to their website to see which trails are open.

The NCC statement probably has a lot to do with two recent and highly publicized incidents where snowshoers got lost and had to be rescued in the Gatineau Park.  From the reports, it is not clear if these snowshoers became lost because they were on closed trails or because of inexperience. One of the groups that had to be rescued was surprisingly close to a main parking lot.

For the statement from the NCC, go to:     http://tinyurl.com/apr6lce

CBC story about the lost snowshoers:      http://tinyurl.com/aaoln92

For the NCC website about trail conditions, go to:


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