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Posted by John Elliot, Sun Mar 16 2014 at 10:50 am

Re: A problem with fewer updates on ski conditions in the Gatineau Park.
I agree with your observations and add my voice to the level of annoyance. I have been away from skiing in the park for a number of years.  This year I bought a pass and have been out more than 20 times, which is decent. But the level of care and grooming I see has reduced significantly from my past experience. In the last year I was out, which I would guess was about 6 years ago I regularly skied on freshly groomed trails. The conditions were reliable made better by the active grooming. This year I have had he pleasure of skiing on recently groomed trails twice. Most instances when I am out I cannot see any evidence of recent grooming.  Take today for instance it is cold after a warm day.  Most certainly the skate runs will be icy, which is where they were heading last evening when I was last up.  So did the grooming take place to break the crust up? My guess not likely.  Can anyone tell me if they had?

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