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Posted by deep snow, Thu Mar 20 2014 at 9:15 pm

cross country ski boots ?
Hello.  I do a little xc skiing but  i have problems finding boots that fit properly. Most notably i need boots with ankle support much like the rigid ankle support found in hiking or work boots.
 I also need boots that wont' crush my toes and even taking a size larger hasn't helped much.  My hiking boots a EEE in width and they can take a wool sock.
I have looked  around at the low to high cost boots that use the straight metal bar in front to latch onto the ski harness and those boots are the ones that usually cause me problems.  The older single piece rubber and horseshoe type of latch/harness have perhaps one of two better boots.
However i have not found anything that does not cause me problems and it cuts into the xc time.  I've taken ot snowshoe more because i can't find a decent pair of xc ski boots.
Any suggestions to a decent pair of cx ski boots with high back ankle support and won't crush my toes or let me feet freeze if i stove for even a few seconds?

Thank You.

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