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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Wed Apr 16 2014 at 2:32 pm

End of 2013-2014 cross-country ski season in the Gatineau Park - NCC Announcement.
Below is the an announcement from the NCC which sort-of  says that the 2013-2014  cross-country ski  season in the Gatineau Park comes to an end on April 15.

This year�s announcement is different from previous years. In the past, the announcement of the end of the ski season came on April 15, or on an earlier date if there was insufficient snow in the park.  For example, in 2011, the NCC issued a news release that trail grooming would come to an end on April 1st, but that it would resume in the event of a significant snowfall prior to April 15.

Last year we also had a late spring, so the NCC issued a news release indicating that the official end of the ski season would come on April 15th.  The news release also went on to say �The cross-country ski network however will remain open to ski enthusiast until snow melts:�.

This year�s announcement was issued  3 weeks earlier than usual, and it suggested that the cross-country ski season in the Gatineau Park normally comes to an end on March 31. It went on to say this year�s season would be �extended� until April 6, and maybe even until April 15.


An exceptional ski season in Gatineau Park
Published on March 27, 2014

With recent snowfalls, the 2013�2014 cross-country ski season in Gatineau Park will continue until April. The NCC notes this season as being exceptional compared with the previous eight seasons for which records have been kept. This year, the NCC also saw an increase in the number of season passes purchased.

End of season extended: The NCC will continue grooming operations and the ski patrol service until at least Sunday, April 6. After that date, services will be adapted according to the weather conditions until April 15 � which is well past the March 31 expected end of season used for planning over the past eight years. Grooming operations will not continue past April 15.

The 2013�2014 ski season so far: The season began on November 29, three weeks earlier than the 2012�2013 season. So far, skiers have had 119 days of skiing, while the previous eight seasons had an average of 113 days. More than 6,400 skiers bought a season pass this year, representing an increase of more than 9.5 percent over last year. Sales of daily passes are also up this year.

Spring work: Spring cleaning and maintenance of the Gatineau Park parkway network will take place over the coming weeks. The parkways are scheduled to reopen for vehicles at noon on Friday, May 2, except for Philippe Lake Parkway, which will reopen on Friday, May 9.

Kudos to our partners and to the Park users: The success of this exceptional season is due in no small part to the work and involvement of the Services r�cr�atifs Demsis team; the volunteer ski patrol team; the special events organizers, including the organizers of the Gatineau Loppet; and the participants in the Park Dialogue Winter Trails Workshop. The NCC hopes to see you all on the cross-country trails into April.

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