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Posted by Maxime, Tue Jan 27 2015 at 7:17 am

Structurite rilling tool for warm days ?

I am very curious to hear about  the Toko Structurite feedbad (or  equivalent swix rilling tool)

I do both classic and skate (but I just started skate this year). I do not race, but I like a nice glide, passing other skiers and am willing to spend reasonable money and efforts in order to go faster.

I typically use Swix F4 ironed on my classic skis and skate skis, sometimes complemented with Swix CH

I have read that suction becomes a big problem for warm temperatures, and am trying to find out what can be done to improve it, considering I love skiing when it's warm  (and  I hope that skate skiing will greatly improve my spring experience this year as classic is always tricky at warm temperature)

So looking at my options, I can either change from Swix F4 to appropriate Swix LF. but I doubt it will really make a difference as F4 contains fluor (I am not willing to go to HF which is way too expansive)

I can also try to add some structure using Toko structurite. Problem is that I cannot try it first and the cost is not negligible. The basic tool comes with the red bit, while the yellow bit is I believe the one for which the structurite would help the most. So I would rather buy the kit with the 3 rollers, which cost about 200$. It is quite expansive, but may be worth it considering it can be a life time investment (especially when compared to HF wax which  has a high cost for each use)

So my question is the following : is it worth it for a non racer ? Will I notice a difference on warm days ? What about red or blue days ? Potential noticeable difference as well ? Or is it something only worth for racing to gain fractions of seconds ?

Your comments are welcome.

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