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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Thu Apr 2 2015 at 10:09 am

End of 2014-2015 cross-country ski season in the Gatineau Park - NCC Announcement
Below is an announcement from the NCC which suggests that the 2014-2015  cross-country ski season in the Gatineau Park will come to an end on April 6.

The announcement states that cross-country ski season in the park normally ends on March 31, but that it will be extended until April 6.

A few years ago the NCC announcements seemed to indicate that, if there was sufficient snow coverage, the end of the ski season would come on April 15. Back then, there were years when the official end of season would come earlier (in March, for example)  because of lack of snow coverage. In at least one occasion, the announcement for an early end of season also included a commitment to resume trail grooming services if there was a significant snowfall prior to April 15.

Things seemed to change last year.  Last year the NCC issued an announcement that said the season would be "extended" until April 6, and maybe even until April 15. It also said that the "expected" end of season is March 31, a date that had been used for �planning� purposes for a number of years.

This year's announcement simply states that the end of season usually comes on March 31. The implication is that anything beyond this date is an extension, and is purely optional.

It appears that the NCC may be trying to ease into a new end-of-season date that is 15 days earlier than it used to be.


The end of the ski and snowshoe season is near, but it�s not over yet
Published on March 30, 2015

Late arrival of spring-like weather extends season until April 6

Canada�s Capital Region � With the colder spring temperatures and recent snowfalls, this year�s cross-country ski and snowshoe season in Gatineau Park, which usually ends on March 31, will continue until April 6.

Services: Grooming operations and the ski patrol service will be ongoing until Monday, April 6, weather permitting, with a reduced patrol service during the week.

2014�2015 season summary: Since the launch of the season on December 11, skiers and snowshoers have enjoyed 99 days on the trails. More than 7,300 skiers bought a season pass this year, representing an increase of 13 percent over last year. In addition, close to 900 snowshoe season passes were purchased this year. Combined, this represents a total of just under 8,200 ski and snowshoe season passes.

Spring work: Cleaning and maintenance of the Gatineau Park parkway network will take place over the coming weeks.

The success of this season is due to the remarkable work and dedication of the Services r�cr�atifs Demsis inc. team who provided the best trail conditions possible, even though the weather was not always ideal. The National Capital Commission (NCC) also recognizes the volunteer ski and snowshoe patrol team, the special events organizers, including the organizers of the Gatineau Loppet, and the participants in the Park Dialogue Winter Trails Workshop.


The announcement on the NCC website:


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