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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Tue Oct 25 2016 at 9:57 am

Time to get your 2016/2017 season pass for the Gatineau Park.
It’s time to get your season pass if you do a lot of cross-country skiing in the Gatineau Park. You can save $30 off an adult season pass if you buy it before Nov 15, 2016. You can save another 15% if you purchase the pass before this date as part of a group of 25 or more (such as a ski club).

If you are not a member of an established group or ski club, no problem. You can still get the extra 15% saving by purchasing the pass through a group setup at the Trailhead Store.

Note: the deadline for buying a season pass at a discount is now a month earlier than it used to be. For years it was possible to get the discount until mid-December. This year the deadline is November 15, 2016.

Also new for this year is that your Gatineau Park season pass will get you discounts at various stores, shops, and restaurants in the area.

For information about buying a season pass at the NCC, fo to:

For information about buying your pass with a 15% group discount at the Trailhead Store, go to:


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