P 11 - Trail # 36 to Trail # 50

Trail # 36 (blue) starting at P11 and ending at trail # 50 in the Gatineau Park. This is only for classic cross-country skiing. Total distance (there and back) is about 14 kilometres.   ( scroll down for photos )

Trail # 36 follows the north shore of Meech Lake, and is quite scenic, perhaps above average for the Gatineau Park. It's also the only trail which bridges the two trail networks in the southeast and northwest areas of the Park.

It is about seven kilometres from P11 to where the # 36 meets trail # 50. If you would like to have a cabin as a destination, it is possible to go another 2.5 kilometres on trail # 50 to reach the Herridge Cabin. However, the return trip between Herridge and P11 is close to 20 kilometres, which might be getting a little long for some people.

Since trail # 36 is only for classic cross-country skiing, it is narrower than the average green trail. It has lot of hills, but most do not have excessive curves or turns, meaning it is possible to maintain a fair degree of control when descending (assuming the conditions aren't too icy). Some hills can be a little challenging, but there is plenty of place to reduce speed by snow plowing. In this context, trail # 36 might be a good choice for someone who has mastered some of the more difficult green trails, and wants to try a blue trail.

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